EXE Celebrates Dr. Yihua Huang’s Forbes Recognition as a Top Resilient Entrepreneur of 2024!

We are proud to announce that Dr. Yihua Huang, the innovative force behind EXE International Co. Ltd. and EXE Yian Dental Clinic, has been honored in Forbes' "Top 10 Resilient Entrepreneurs of 2024". Dr. Huang's unique blend of dentistry expertise and business acumen is redefining the oral healthcare industry, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices.

Her journey from New York University College of Dentistry to the forefront of dental innovation has led to the creation of the acclaimed EXE Toothbrush and the EXE Minibox Toothbrush, now available on Amazon. These products are a testament to her vision of making dental care both accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement that not only highlights her relentless pursuit of excellence but also EXE's commitment to transforming the dental industry.

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Full article:https://lihi2.com/LyMtS

Forbes magazine:https://lihi2.com/28HmlForbes原檔